The Best Betting Markets

One of the great things about betting on sports online is the ever-growing range of betting markets. If you become a member of one of the top betting companies and look at the betting markets for a Premier League football match, you will find over 100 markets to choose from.

How to Win More at Over and Under

How to Win More

Over and Under is one of the most popular betting markets for football and other sports. The over and under betting market is available for a bunch of sports, and they can take home some excellent rewards if done right.

But before we start looking at the over and under online gambling market, we need to answer a few questions.

  • What is over and under-betting?
  • For which sports can the over and under bet market be used?
  • What can be done to win more with over and under?

We will answer these questions and many more in the article below.

Become a Member of the Gaming Sites that have the Best Odds

Before you start your exciting adventure with betting on the over and under market, you need to find the betting sites that offer the best odds. If you place bets on over and under bets at betting sites that do not offer the best odds for that market, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Before you bet, it doesn’t take long to compare the odds from different betting companies. You should do this for every bet you place, not just when you play the market over and under.

Explanation of Games on Over and Under

Explanation of Games on Over and Under

Over and under bets are used to bet on whether a result in a sporting event will be above or below a given threshold. This could be, for example, several points or several goals. The number to bet on when betting on over or under is set by the betting company, and you have to decide if you think the given threshold will be exceeded or not.

If you think it will be surpassed, you can bet on the over, but if it is below the specified figure, you bet on the under.

Take a basketball game as an example. The bookmaker offers an over/under of 165.5 points. You will first notice the number .5. Obviously, a team can’t score 0.5 points, so why is it there?

The reason it is there is to prevent the number of points scored from ending up exactly on the number in and over/under games. For example, if it was set to 165 points and you bet on over, and the result is precisely 165, there is no winner. The number .5 prevents that from happening, which is why, in most cases, you will see over and under markets with .5 in the number.

So, if you bet on over 165.5 points being scored and the score in the game is 87-80, you have won the bet because the total has been over 165.5 points scored. You would have lost the game if the final score was 84-80 because only 164 points had been scored.

The beauty of the betting market above and below is that it is pretty easy to understand. Once you’ve grasped the example above and become familiar with the .5 numbers, you’re ready to start winning more over and under.