Secrets Of Winning On Slot Machines

It is always important to consider what you mean when you say profit or gain on slot machines. How large sums do you have to have before you say it is a profit? For some, only the big wins count, while the fact is, unfortunately, that very few people get these big wins.

What’s the trick?

What's the trick?

The secret behind winning at slot machines at an online casino is to bet the most on those slot machines that are known to have a good payout percentage. It’s not the most significant win, but you win a little more evenly. And who knows, suddenly you might get the big win. You can use the surplus, or profit, from here to bet on the slot machines that give the most significant wins.

When it comes to the casino, it’s very much about luck and discipline when you actually win. There is not much you can use for strategy when playing slot machines. One of the best pieces of advice we can give is that you cross all your fingers and toes when you deposit at a casino.

It is still a trick you can use when playing slot machines. We have written a little about this in our article on how to find slot machines that give the most profit. Each slot machine has a percentage called RTP. 

Translated into many languages, it becomes a payout ratio. If you choose slot machines that have a high payout rate and high volatility, then in many cases, you can use this as a trick. This means that you choose the slot that gives you the highest probability of winning the most. Several other factors come into play here:

  • How volatile is the slot machine?
  • What are the bonus features?

You can read up on each slot machine, and if you are unsure, we have had great luck using YouTube. Here you can simply just search YouTube to see how others experience the slot machine. Then you don’t have to spend money on a slot machine that doesn’t pay often. This is a trick in itself.

Know When to Fold ’em


As the artist Kenny Rogers once wrote in his song “The Gambler,” it is essential that you know when it is time to give up. 

This is perhaps the biggest challenge for players who want to win at the casino — simply because winning leads to a desire to win even more. For many, this means that the winnings are quickly wasted again, and perhaps you are left with a significant loss instead of making a withdrawal on a win that you could have been happy with.

It gets extra bad when you start playing for money you can’t afford to lose, for example, borrowed money via credit card or similar. We recommend that you NEVER play for more than you can afford to lose, even if the goal is to win at the casino. 

There is no sure way to play that will make you win, so you have to know that for any game you put money on, the chance of losing is more extraordinary than winning.

Should you feel that the urge to win is becoming unmanageable, we recommend that you contact the helpline for gambling addiction or contact the casino to block the player account temporarily. Because even if you want to win at the casino, you have to remember that it’s not worth it if you lose.