Online Betting Tips

Find the Right Bookie

Mobile Betting

Tony Bet is a great bookie for a couple of reasons. They’re licensed and regulated and have been around for over 30 years.

They offer a wide selection of sports to bet on, and their minimum bet is as low as $1. Additionally, they have some of the best odds in the industry, with many markets offering up to 1/10,000 odds compared to other bookies offering only 1/500 or less.

All these factors make Tony Bet one of our top recommendations for betting online.

Make a Plan and Stick to It

Never wager more than you can lose.

Don’t bet on sports you don’t understand or enjoy watching.

Never bet more than 1% of your total bankroll on any game unless it’s a sure thing and you know precisely why it will pay out in your favor.

Keep Good Records

There are numerous benefits to keeping thorough records of your bets. Perhaps you need to know how much money you have made and lost, or maybe you need to check for any patterns in your betting behavior.

Keeping records will also help you improve your odds of winning and save time by not having to input information repeatedly when reviewing previous wagers.

Do Your Research

While you can find valuable information on almost any sporting event online, you should always take the time to research individual teams, players, and coaches.

This will help you make better decisions regarding placing your bets. You should look at which players are injured or suspended and see if other factors could affect their performance, such as poor weather conditions or bad matchups against certain opponents.

Don’t Bet for Fun

Betting for fun is a bad idea because it will cost you money. You may think that losing a few bucks here and there is no big deal, but the truth is that this could add severe losses over time.

If you bet $10 per week on sports and win 50% of your bets, that’s $300 a year in the red! And if you go broke trying to recoup those losses? Tell me again how “fun” gambling was.

You should also avoid betting for fun because it can become addictive. While most people gamble responsibly, others develop an unhealthy relationship with betting. Every time they lose money (whether natural or virtual), their addiction grows stronger until it becomes even if they wanted to; it was difficult for them to stop.

This can lead them down an ugly path where they lose everything from their savings accounts to their homes before living on the streets or in jail. Don’t let this happen to yourself.

To ensure that you have fun, abide by these suggestions.

Make sure you are betting on sports that you know.

Have a plan before you start betting.

Have a budget and stick to it.

Don’t bet for fun. Only gamble when you are sure of your pick.


The best thing about sports betting is the opportunity to win a lot of money. The worst thing about sports betting is losing a lot of money.

If you follow these tips, however, you should be able to have fun while still avoiding any bad bets – and hopefully even make some money.