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Philly Beer Week: 10 Days, 10 Events (Part 2)

29 May 2014


Ten days is a long time, and you’re not sure if your liver—or your wallet—can sustain going full blast for the entirety of Beer Week. Don’t worry, we get it. That’s why we’re here with our single favorite event each day, to help you pace yourself and not miss any of the excitement of the best 10 days in the city.

If you missed it, check out Part 1 here. Then, check out Part 2:

Wednesday, June 4
Dunkel Dare
| Frankford Hall | 7:00pm – 9:00pm | PAYG

For its third year in a row, Dunkel Dare will take over Frankford Hall’s outdoor area in Philly Beer Week’s version of everyone’s favorite childhood game show, Double Dare. What’s even better is that Marc Summers will be there to host it, bringing your adult love of beer and your childhood desire to be on Double Dare crashing together. Watch as contestants help their favorite breweries get a year-long spot on the taps at Frankford Hall.

Thursday, June 5
All Day Pig Roast
| Varga Bar | 2:00pm – 11:00pm | PAYG

Varga will be roasting suckling pigs outside all day, with pork platters available with sides. If the one we went to two years ago was any indication, this is going to be some of the best food you’ll be getting during beer week, so don’t miss out. If you plan it right, you can swing by for lunch and then again for dinner. Take the opportunity to chat with the staff as they turn the spit outside, as well.

Friday, June 6
Gose Gone Wild
| Brauhaus Schmitz | 5:00pm – 2:00am | PAYG

Celebrate the beginning of summer with the light, refreshing, and delightfully sour/salty style of German beer known as Gose. Brauhaus will be featuring a range of goses, including Ritterguts, Freigeist Geisterzug, Abraxxas, Leipziger, Leiziger Pineus (laudered through dry pine needles), and Leipziger Gewuerz (brewed with orange peel, cardamom, and nutmeg), as well as several other German sours. These beers are all low ABV, so it’ll be a great rest day for your liver. Pair them with any of the great dishes at Brauhaus and you’ll have yourself a perfect Friday night.

Saturday, June 7
Hotdog & Homebrew Extravaganza
| Memphis Taproom | 12:00pm – 4:00pm | $35

Hopefully you got your ticket, because the best homebrew event of the week is surely going to be sold out. For the low price of $35, you get unlimited homebrew from some of the area’s best amateur brewers, as well as unlimited hotdogs from Memphis’s amazing hotdog cart. This is our first year not brewing for the event, but we’ll still be there to support the hard-working homebrewers and to eat our weight in gourmet dogs. A favorite event of ours every year!

Sunday, June 8
| Fergie’s Pub | 7:00pm – ? | PAYG

“That Totally Unnecessary Drink” has become the traditional way to close out Philly Beer Week with one last glass of beer—or many last glasses of beer. Beers will be from Allagash and Yards, and there will be live band karaoke, so you can pretend you’re a real rock star. Have a few beers to get up your courage to sing, or use your stage performance to sweat out a week’s worth of beer. Either way, see the week out in the right way and pay your respects to another successful Philly Beer Week.

Late Night with Joe Gunn
| Jose Pistola’s | June 3 – 5, 11:30pm – 2:00am | PAYG

One of Philly Beer Week’s favorite events, join Joe Gunn as he hosts his very own late night variety show at Jose Pistola’s for three nights only during Philly Beer Week. If you’ve seen it before, or if you know anything about Joe, you know it’s going to be a great time. There will be plenty of special guests to take part in the “part variety show, part circus” that is Late Night. Do yourself a favor and go at least one night during the week.

Photo courtesy of Stephen Lyford.

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