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Epikur Writer of the Year Award

7 November 2012

This year, Epikur Magazine has teamed up with Bacchus Selections to find Philly’s best food and booze writer—a prize that is worth over a thousand dollars in cash, booze, and gifts.  Not a bad deal for writing about something you love.

The teams at Epikur and Bacchus come up with a list of around 40 of their favorite writers, and then Keith Wallace, the founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia, narrowed the list to about 20 nominees.  “There are so many amazing writers in the field. It was a tough decision to make,” said Keith.  “It ended up taking months to make the selections.  For me, the experience really highlighted how deep the talent pool is here in Philly.”

And why are we telling you this?  Because we were nominated!  We’d like to encourage all of our readers to click on the link and vote for Ryan Hudak as the best Philly food and booze writer.  We know you enjoy what goes on here and keep coming back, so help us out with a quick vote.  It won’t take long, and it will definitely help out.  After just buying a house, the cash and extra prizes will certainly help with home stuff—as well as stocking a cellar that we actually have room for now.

Please take a moment to vote at, and then pass this along to your friends.  It is a great honor to be nominated, but it would be an even greater honor to win.  Help us achieve that goal by showing your support.  Thank you!

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