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PA Beer Fest Aims to Please Everyone

26 October 2012

With so many beer festivals littering our great beer-soaked city, it can be hard to decide which to spend your money on.  Do you want to go to the event that only has rare beers, or the one that specializes in local offerings?  Do you want to drink only pumpkin beers, smoked beers, cask beers, sour beers, dark beers, light beers, or any other kind of niche beer you can think of that has its own event?  Do you want to drive to the suburbs or a neighboring city to get a few tastes of beer?  Or, do you just want to take a train into the city and spend a few hours getting a little bit of everything?

Luckily, if you picked the last option, the PA Beer Fest has your back.  The event is being held on Saturday, November 10 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in downtown Philadelphia, a most central location with plenty of public transit options for your booze-soaked outing.  The fest, which is in its first go-round, will have two sessions (1-4pm and 7-10pm) to allow for an even spread of attendees, which will be necessary: with 100 breweries slated to show up with 270 different beers, people are sure to flock to this tasting extravaganza, as evidenced by the VIP hours for each timeslot already being sold out.

The breweries amassed for the event so far present a range of everything you could ask for in a fest, from standard local breweries like Victory and Yards to guys you don’t see at fests very often like AleSmith and Port Brewing.  There’s also a great mix of well-known and unheard-of breweries, but the list is substantial.  Luckily, the folks at the PA Beer Fest website have kept a handy listing here, as well as a PDF list of each beer the breweries are bringing (both, of course, are subject to change).  With as much beer as is going to be there, checking out the list ahead of time and making a solid game plan will be key to maximizing your three hours at the festival.

Tickets are a reasonable $40 and include a commemorative mug for your multiple one-ounce pours, as well as live music.  A designated driver ticket can be purchased for $15, but the DDs will not receive a mug and, as you would expect, will not be able to drink any alcohol at the fest.  But, if you’re low on cash and still want to make the festival, they are also looking for (unpaid) volunteers to help out—you can find more information here.  If you don’t feel like volunteering, however, you can get your tickets here.  The price is a steal, so get your tickets and your pretzel necklaces and be ready for the first of what should be many great years of the PA Beer Fest.

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  1. 26 October 2012 5:17 pm

    This is sweet!

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