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Happy Birthday, In Search of Beer!

9 December 2011

Despite coming and going with little fanfare, yesterday marked the first birthday of In Search of Beer.  December 8, 2010 is when I posted a little entry about myself, and things took off from there—though I use the phrase “took off” in a very liberal sense.  And not only did yesterday mark one year of In Search of Beer, but it marked the longest I’ve ever dedicated myself to a single project.  Another personal milestone.

Many things changed throughout the year, not only with myself, but with the blog as well.  What started as an online diary of my quest to taste as many different beers as I could was changed in February when I was invited to a bloggers’ brunch to preview Victory’s Headwaters Pale Ale.  This meant that I was, on some level, a legitimate writer.  Here I was with the likes of DrinkPhilly, Beer and Whiskey Bros., Jack Curtain and Lew Bryson.  It was clear I would have to change my format to reflect this legitimization.

I had garnered a few extra hits previously after writing an article for Town Dish and posting about about a study that found a beer a day to be healthy, but this is where things took off.  My fiancée (at the time) surprised me with a domain name and helped me to focus the blog, and from that point forward I began to focus more on writing articles than diary entries.  I was asked to do more work for the Town Dish, and was able to attend more events, whether they were beer festivals or blogger get-togethers.

The highlight for me, writing-wise, was being asked to write about Philadelphia as a beer city for BeerAdvocate Magazine.  I’ve long held the belief that Philly is the best beer city in America, and being able to show my pride in the local scene on a national level was great, especially given the fact that BeerAdvocate could have asked anyone else in town to do it, especially Joe Sixpack—Philly beer royalty—who regularly writes for them anyway.

My beer search, in the last year, has gotten me some great rarities I never would’ve tasted otherwise: Westvleteren 12, Pliny the Younger (and Elder), SAVOR Flowers, and Dark Lord. It has also taken me to some great locations, from Boston to Nova Scotia to Bamberg, Germany, the motherland for a rauchbier geek such as myself.  But most importantly*, it’s made me some amazing friends and allowed me to have great times and make even better memories, most over a pint here or a few sips there.  And for that, I hope there are many, many more years to come.

So, to all of you who have joined me over the past year, thank you.  Thank you for reading, thank you for coming back, thank you for commenting and thank you for hanging out and making it fun.  Let’s keep it going. my friends.

*Most importantly in relation to the blog.  The most important thing in the last year, of course, would be my wedding.

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  1. 9 December 2011 3:01 pm

    Congrats Ryan! Keep up the great work. Look forward to further discussions on the blogosphere, twitterspehere, and perhaps at the Bar-osphere for an actual beer.


    • Ryan permalink
      10 December 2011 8:57 am

      Thank you, sir. We will definitely meet at a bar one day. Hopefully you can make it to the Tweet-up on the 28th.

      • 11 December 2011 2:55 pm

        I have informed The Boss (and I don’t mean Springsteen) of the event. I have also informed The Alemonger and the rest of the Booze Dancing crew. I plan to be there!

  2. 10 December 2011 6:28 pm


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